Terms of use for reviews and comments on tourist-paradise.com

To leave a review, we ask you to follow the following terms:

  • The user has to be 18 years old minimum and must be qualified for legal acts.
  • The user has to leave a valid email-address to send a confirmation-link to this address.
  • A proof of the rental can be required if it’s necessary.
  • Every accommodation can be rated even if the travel is booked via a different way.
  • Each person of a vacation-group can rate an accommodation.
  • Each accommodation can only be rated once by the same person (or group), no matter if the accommodation is booked several times.
  • It´s prohibited for land-lords to rate their own accommodations.

The user undertakes not to leave following contents in the ratings:
  • sexual offensively or against the protection of youth
  • insulting or threatening content
  • anticonstitutional and racist content
  • allusions to unlawful actions. Contents that contravene against rights of third parties, especially against copyright, trademark or competition law
  • content which is untrue or unobjective or not relevant for the description of the accommodation
  • false statements about local, spatial or other conditions of the accommodation
  • contents with commercial intentions
  • contact-details (f.e.:websites, phone-numbers, post-address, email-address, last-names or names of companies)
  • notes that refer to other ratings or comments

The reviews and comments are individual opinions of the guests or the landlords and are not written from tourist-paradise.com.
Tourist-Paradise.com cannot guarantee that the texts are correct.
Tourist-Paradise.com reserves the right to delete reviews and comments from the website, especially when they violate the terms of use.