Terms of use for reviews and comments by landlords

Dear holidaymakers, dear hosts,

The posting of reviews and the comment function are intended to assist holidaymakers in their booking decision and hosts in the continuous improvement of the accommodation.

We therefore ask you to respect the following terms of use:

Our Guideline:

Ferienhausmiete.de values respectful behaviour and friendly interaction. Reviews should inform prospective holidaymakers and not be used to settle disputes between the parties. Always submit reviews and comments in a truthful and constructive way, do not get personal or offensive.

Terms of use: Who is entitled to give reviews?

The user must be at least 18 years of age and have full legal capacity.
The reviewer must state his/her name truthfully. (The surname is displayed as an initial)
The reviewer must have personally spent a stay in the rated holiday accommodation and be able to prove this upon request.
The reviewer can only send the rating using the email address that he or she used to request or book the accommodation or he/she has a link that he/she received after verification.
Only one review per stay can be given for the holiday accommodation booked.
It is not permitted for hosts to rate their own holiday property either directly or indirectly.
Reviews or comments may not contain any blackmailing content towards hosts or holidaymakers or be written with such an intention.

Content regulations: Which contents are not tolerated? Contents that:

are pornographic or endanger the protection of minors
are in any way threatening, discriminatory or offensive in nature
are anticonstitutional, inciting to hatred, hostile or racist
violate any applicable law, in particular copyright, trademark and brand rights, or are of any other illegal or punishable nature
contain false statements regarding the holiday accommodation with regard to its local, structural or other characteristics
are irrelevant and have no reference to the holiday accommodation
are intended as advertising for companies, services or goods
contain contact data (e.g: websites, telephone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, surnames or company names).
include remarks on other reviews, holidaymakers or landlords
contain extracts from communication with third parties as well as specific amounts of money

Indemnity from liability claims

Since reviews or comments of the hosts are personal descriptions by holidaymakers or hosts and do not come from Ferienhausmiete.de, Ferienhausmiete.de can not guarantee the accuracy of the published texts.

Furthermore, Ferienhausmiete.de reserves the right to remove reviews or comments of the hosts at any time from the website, especially if they violate the terms of use. There is no guarantee for the use and availability of the service.